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Altas Viator

Unique design ALTAS AUTO midibus


Our experience comes built into our midibuses for your reliance.


We entered midibus production market in 2018 by introducing our brand bus Altas Viator, which is the first passenger bus developed in the independent Lithuania for serial production.


The business class tourist mid size bus was designed on the basis of knowledge accumulated over a period of more than 15 years and experience working in the European markets.


GOLDEN medal award (in the machinery and equipment industry category) during the Lithuanian Product of the Year annual awards organized by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists – Altas Viator.


In 2019 Altas Viator midibus bus design has won silver in the international „A‘Design Award“ in a category of the Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design. Read more.

seater minibus

29 + 1

Passenger seats

Luggage compartments

At the rear end of the bus and on the sides above the seats (4.5 m3)

Comfort midibus manufacturing


Comfortable seats and powerful heating and ventilation equipment

Additional equipment

High quality video- and audio equipment and refrigerator

Designed for comfortable journeys

Altas Viator is a medium-sized tourist bus with the engineering solutions and design developed by the ALTAS AUTO team. The most popular interior layouts are these: 25 seater bus, 27 seater bus and 29 seater bus. Altas Viator midibus can also feature guide seat and individual solutions.

This medium size tourist bus features comfortable seats, spacious compartments, and shelves for storage of items above the seats. The powerful heating and ventilation equipment allow to enjoy the journey at high outdoor temperatures and harsh weather conditions.

Offers a comfortable journey at night time. The daylight effect is created by the pleasant light emitted from the ceiling, while the subtle LED panels mark the window area and pathway. For the comfort of passengers, our mid size bus has a personal light available above the seats with an individual comfort management function. The drivers will appreciate the rear-view camera, heated windshield, and CAN bus software management of equipment.

Altas Viator midibus has an exclusive design creating a motion effect. Its dimensions are emphasised by Hella lights, whereas the image they create is comprised by separate segments.

Our medium size tourist bus frame is made of special stainless steel with application of exterior and interior finishing elements made of the state-of-the-art, light composite materials with excellent thermal and sound insulation parameters. The bus elements and components are provided by the prominent suppliers in the automobile industry. About further details about this new midibus for sale contact our sales department.