Coach minibuses

For long and comfortable tourist journeys
seater minibus


Passenger seats

Spacious luggage areas

At the back and sides above the passenger seats


Comfortable seats, powerful heating and ventilation equipment

Additional equipment

High-quality Wi-Fi, individual USB charging sockets etc.

MAN TGE Coach minibus is the benchmark for a modern scaled-down coach version.

MAN tourist minibus, designed for comfortable long journeys and meet all needs being a versatile and best quality-oriented choice.

These MAN TGE Coach features the traditional big Coach DNA with everything you could ever need: from extensive luggage spaces and passengers area, to various additional equipment features like Wi-Fi and USB chargers. 16 seater minibus can hold as much as 1,700 litres of luggage as standard. MAN TGE Coach tourist minibus can be individualised with a refrigerator, different interior colour schemes and options like a table between seats to bring the best travelling experience. The MAN TGE Coach is equipped with around 20 safety technologies- there is no room for compromise on safety as it is a top-quality tourist minibus.