Tourline minibuses

For a comfortable tourist minibuses experience
seater minibus

16 – 22

Passenger seats

Spacious luggage areas

At the back and sides above the passenger seats


Comfortable seats, powerful heating and ventilation equipment

Additional equipment

High class audio/video systems, refrigerator

Designed for quality leisure travel

Our most popular Mercedes Benz Sprinter Tourline models: 16 seater minibus, 19 seater minibus, or 22 seater minibus is tailor-made with all the features necessary for comfortable leisure and work travel. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter Tourline is our No.1 model in terms of units produced.

Tourist minibus includes extensive luggage spaces at the rear of the minibus and above the seats, effective heating, and air conditioning systems and, of course, exceedingly comfortable seating for longer journeys. We also offer the Sprinter minibus model extended by 400 mm. This allows to add seats or more luggage space or space between the rows. Contact our sales representative for further information about this Mercedes minibus for sale and conversion details. Down below you can find Tourline 19 seater minibus exemplary specification.