16 seater minibuses – from daily routes to leisure travel


16 seater minibuses – from daily routes to leisure travel

Minibuses have a seating capacity of between 8 and 30 seats. 16 seater minibuses are widely used on daily city routes as well as longer trips for leisure and work travel. Among many other options, it is a common choise for public transport as fixed route transit buses, airport buses, and share taxis. 16 seater minibus is popular vehicle and generally used by schools, sports clubs, community groups, local authorities, transit operators. It is also used as a corporate transport or tour buses.

Minibuses for daily city routes

City minibuses can be adapted to different demands. For example, keeping in mind the complex conditions of operation of city minibus, Mercedes Benz Sprinter Cityline is provided with highly reliable equipment. It is perfectly adapted for the transportation of sitting and standing passengers. Sprinter city minibuses as well as MAN TGE City minibus always feature double-sided electric doors and foldable ramp at the entrance or the comfort of passengers with disabilities. 16 seater buses can be fitted with all necessary public transport equipment meeting the needs of a specific region: exterior and interior information screens, monitors, electronic ticket devices, cash registers.

Business class minibuses

16 seater buses are common choise for business trips. Business class minibuses have many exclusive interior and exterior details. For example, Mercedes luxury minibus Businessline have high-class audio-video systems, coffee machines, refrigerators, tables, 220v power supply and many other extra features. Businessline model can be also extended by 400 mm that allows more space and comfort for the passengers.

Minibuses for leisure and work travel

16 seater buses are also widely used for tourist as well as work trips. Usually, they are equipped with extensive luggage spaces, comfortable seats, powerful heating and ventilation equipment for the maximum comfort of long journeys. For instance, Mercedes Benz Sprinter Tourline model has extensive luggage spaces at the rear of the minibus and above the seats. Extended by 400mm sprinter minibus model is also offered. This allows to add seats or more luggage space or space between the rows.

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Mercedes Benz minibus interior manufacturing