“Altas Auto” was rated as a TOP company 2019


Altas Auto was rated as a TOP company 2019. The company received such a rating in the selection held by the portal rekvizitai.lt according to various criteria of the company’s stability and reliability.

TOP companies 2019 are selected as the strongest Lithuanian companies that rekvizitai.lt trusts and recommends. The selection criteria for the companies were: established two or more years ago, turnover growth over the past two years, absence of significant and long-term debts to social insurance fund institution, timely financial reporting, stability, or growth of the number of employees, assessment of average salary.

This assessment shows that Altas Auto was among the 7% most reliable and economically stable companies in Lithuania. This increases the company’s reputation and strengthens the trust of partners and customers.

More information about TOP companies 2019 can be found at: www.rekvizitai.vz.lt/top-company-2019/