We have renewed our brand – from now we’ll be even more attractive to foreign markets


ALTAS komercinis transportas is renewing its image and changing its brand name to ALTAS AUTO. ALTAS AUTO is a short and functional combination of words, which reveals the focus of the company’s activity and that is ideally suited to foreign markets. It gives a sense to the company’s past experience throughout the world, and the newly introduced term clearly indicates the direction of international development.

The buses produced by the company still will be marked with an ALTAS sign. However, the legal name of the company will not change and will remain UAB ALTAS komercinis transportas.

As the brand is changing, the company’s visual identity is being updated as well. The brand name in capital letters sends a message of credibility, solidity, and leadership – and this idea resonates with the meaning of the Latin word altus (tall). Meanwhile, the font with slightly rounded corners creates an impression of flexibility, or compatibility with the shapes of nature. The brand’s visual colour palette also suggests compatibility in creating sustainable solutions – on the one hand, these colours are often found in nature; and on the other hand, they are common in our industry. Therefore, the new logo conveys the message of professionalism and modernity, where sustainable solutions are the means to achieving our goals.