Great people work at great companies

Whats so special about us?

AltasAuto currently operates in 15 markets. More than 300 million items are listed on our platform globally, generating 1+ billion euros for our members annually. This wouldn’t be possible without our team of over 1000 global talents lorem ipsumsit amet dolor.

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873 €M Revenue
29 Car services
964 Employees
4 715 m² Trading space
873 €M Revenue
31 Car space
Great people work at great companies

Benefits that’ll make your day

Have an opportunity

Personal budget for learning and development tools and activities loremipsumdolor.

Health and wellbeing

Health insurance package for everyone no matter how long you work at Euroapotheca.

Freedom in different shapes

Loyalty brings you some extra vacation days, you can always work remotely.

Great work requires some energy

Free ice cream all year long, as well as, fruits, vegetables and pastries sitamet dolor.

Personal growth

Regular team buildings, internal conferences, blog platform to exchange knowledge.

Referral system

We have internal referral system. Let’s build the dream team together loremipsum!

Want to join our team?

We’re always looking for new talents! So if you haven’t found a position that matches your skills, or have a story to share, fill in this form and get notified about our job openings.

Want to join our team?
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