Never stop moving Never stop moving

Never stop moving

More than a bus manufacturer

New standard of comfort

  • Largest mini-bus manufacturer in Europe.
  • Comprehensive product development and quality.
  • Strong client relationships.
  • Complete bus fleet management services.
New standard of comfort New standard of comfort

ALTAS electric minibuses

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ALTAS electric midibuses

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Mercedes-Benz minibuses

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MAN minibuses

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Individual projects

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ALTAS electric minibuses ALTAS electric minibuses
ALTAS electric midibuses ALTAS electric midibuses
Mercedes-Benz minibuses Mercedes-Benz minibuses
MAN minibuses MAN minibuses
Individual projects Individual projects
Dealerships Dealerships


Our representatives are always ready to assist

Service network

Exclusive partnerships

Strategic partnership with major bus manufacturers allows us to shorten the lead time for fulfilling customer orders and enables us to quickly adapt to newly released bus models in the market.

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