Never stop moving

Mini and midi buses producer in Europe

Never stop moving – this simple yet universal thought stimulates us to continue improving.

It prompts us to design new products, improve the production processes, search for new materials and develop our competences.

It is an impulse to progress in a targeted direction where future awaits the perfectionists of automobile engineering.


Recognised auto engineering perfectionists

Since 2002, we have developed our technology and processes, accumulated significant experience, brought together the best competence and engineering equipment to become recognized automotive perfectionists in Europe.

Our vehicles are acknowledged with product of the year awards in Lithuania, while their quality satisfies clients from all over the Europe. This is an achievement that we have been aiming for, our quality is certified according to the ISO 9001 Quality Control Standard, and the activities of the company are organized according to the LEAN methodology.

R&D at the core of our business

Our professional engineers team from two generations possesses an innovative approach and experience-based competences in manufacturing of structures and components.

The ability of a team to implement large-scale, complex projects in conjunction with international partners is a factor for our success. The fact that we use modern technology, digital management systems and materials for product development in R&D, and ourselves are managing resources – ensure our competitiveness and efficiency.

Smart environmentally-friendly solutions

Introducing the smart environmentally-friendly solution for urban transport developed by ALTAS AUTO – a plug-in hybrid minibus.

mini bus manufacturer



Located in Lithuania,

represented in 18 countries

We are a professional enterprise manufacturing mini- and midibuses, operating in this field since 2002. Conformity with the highest standards, team determination and expertise allowed us to become one of the largest producers of various purpose vehicles in Lithuania in just 3 years, and in 2007, be the first to offer our products in the Western and North Europe. We were the first producer from the Eastern Europe to participate in the major bus exhibition Busworld 2007 in Belgium.
In 2008, we launched active projects in the European countries seeking creation of professional dealers’ network. Our professional experience allowed to achieve excellent results: very quickly we started cooperation with the professional sales agents in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland and other European countries.

Year 2014 was the turning point in the company operations in terms of changes and improvement. With considerable investments into production capacity, process reorganisation, technologies and application of LEAN methodologies, we have guaranteed a rapid growth. In 2016, we became the first by sales on the Scandinavian market and the leaders in this field in the Western Europe.

We are currently operating in 18 European markets and developed a reliable network of dealers and service points. In 2018, we presented the first midibus produced in the independent Lithuania – Altas VIATOR, which was awarded a golden medal of the Product of the Year awards in the machinery and equipment industry category.

We aim at high quality cooperation at every stage of the process. This is our principle that allows us to never stop moving.

Globally renowned partners

Since 2006, we have had the best of confidence in our market leaders; in 2016, we received the status of VanPartner by Mercedes-Benz, and in 2018 – the status of Volkswagen PremiumPartner. We also received acknowledgement of Iveco, MAN and other car manufacturers we cooperate with for implementation of the complex projects.

The terms of the world concerns demanding exclusive partnership means a shorter time of execution of order for ALTAS AUTO clients and our anticipated readiness to modify new bus models on the market, and most importantly, to design products while drawing on the valuable experience of development of international projects in cooperation with the worldwide corporations.

Mercedes-Benz partneris

Corporate Social Responsibility for business partners

Altas Auto employees follow ethical principles and expect the same from business partners. As part of a socially responsible chain, we build honest, ethical and transparent relationships with our business partners, suppliers, distributors and representatives of all other third parties.

Sustainable development

Our team is actively engaged in socially-relevant causes and aim at contributing towards the sustainable development of the community and nurturing the next generation of highly qualified specialists.

We closely cooperate with Kaunas University of Technology, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius Academy of Arts and other high education institutions in Lithuania as well as local colleges and specialized schools by providing their students with an opportunity to complete professional internships and gain access to the information concerning internal production and business processes. This information facilitates the writing of their final theses, the process of conducting scientific research and the launch of R&D projects. We deliver regular lectures to students wishing to learn more about the specifics of the transport manufacturing industry as well as the associated challenges and opportunities.

We care about social responsibility by contributing to various initiatives, including blood donation, support to children’s care homes, sport events of people with disabilities and many others. We care about the city and wealth of local citizens where we are located. Therefore, we are involved in infrastructure development of the surrounding environment.

We deliver social responsibility toward man and nature ensuring responsible and safe production standards. We are certified according to ISO 14001 environmental standards.



• I am looking for solutions, not restrictions.

• I am active, I want to act.

• I persistently pursue the goal.

• I am able to involve others in activities.


• I make rational decisions thinking about the consequences.

• I will keep my promises: I said-I did.

• I strive for quality for the first time.

• I work to save and earn additionally.


• I am talking openly about the problems.

• I accept and respect others opinion and express myself constructively.

• I boldly offer new ideas and express my point of view.

• I do not hide and openly share relevant information.


• I delve deeper into the area of interest on my own.

• I apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

• I am happy with discoveries and new knowledge, I am open to them.

• I keep raising 5 why?