Electric minibuses

Explore the future of electric mobility

Our motto „Never stop moving“ is becoming even more relevant when it comes to sustainable passenger transport. Applying our many years of experience in the production of minibuses to the development of electric buses, we can now offer extremely high-quality electric city and intercity buses.

Altas Auto 0 emission buses are based on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter base. We currently offer 2 fully electric models for your selection, which we have precisely developed together with our partners Elinta Motors.

Electric minibuses

Altas Novus Cityline LW

Even more spacious
low floor minibus

Altas Novus Cityline

For daily trips
on city routes

Altas Novus Ecoline

For daily
urban trips

Electric Minibuses are Ready to Meet Future Challenges

Market experts note that in the recent period interest in e-mobility solutions for urban areas has been increasing. Growing fuel prices and the impact of conventional fuel vehicles on the environment have opened doors for alternative fuel vehicles in the market.

The electric bus market growth is premised on the growing utilization of public transport systems, especially in emerging economies. Electric vehicles are fragmented based on fuel type by battery electric vehicle (BEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). According to data from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, registrations of new electric buses in the EU increased by 170.5 percent in 2019. Among the key factors making a significant impact on the global electric vehicle market are growing awareness of clean vehicles and increasing focus on electrification of public transport fleets.

Growing Demand for Electronic Vehicles in Public Transport

Manufacturers of minibuses around the world are announcing and introducing electric versions of their models while governments also recognise the benefits of electric vehicles to the environment and air quality, therefore, introducing more eco-friendly options in public transport and suburban bus lines.

Electric minibuses have many advantages. Among many other features, they do create zero emissions and with growing concerns about pollution and climate change it is a very important characteristic.

Electric minibuses do not pollute air with NOx or CO2s which ensures cleaner air and this is especially needed in cities and urban areas. However, they are faster, quieter and can create great savings in fuel and maintenance comparing to carbon-fuelled vehicles.

Main Benefits of Electric Minibuses



Because of the battery in an electric minibus the vehicle runs much quieter than a carbon-fuelled one. This helps to reduce noise pollution which is very important in daily city routes.


Smooth driving experience.

Comfort is extremely critical for bus drivers, especially when driving longer or repetitive routes. The electric minibuses dynamic responsivenes and handy user interface helps to maintain a drivers focus on the road.



Our electric minibuses ecology unfolds both through the product itself and throught its manufacuring process. We believe that zero emission minibuses will make our cities cleaner and opens the new opportunities to choose environment friendly passenger transport sollutions.


Advanced technology.

As technology is advancing, electric vehicles are becoming more and more powerful and efficient. However, they have been criticised previously for needing to be recharged too often. These days electric minibues can do a full days work before needing to be recharged. Moreover, minibuses are often used for short-distance trips in cities or trips like the school run or sports team transport, where the range is less of a concern.

no limitations2

No limitations.

Electric minibuses have no limits travelling the specific city zones, where internal combustion vehicles are prohibited. This lets bus operators to freely plan the routes on city centres, old towns, resort cities or any other zero pollution territories.


Based on popular models.

Altas Novus electric minibuses are based on one of the most popular minibus bases: Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Trusted and well-known base models better maintain residual value moreover their maintenance is easier and more predictable.