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We are one of the leading European companies engineering and producing mini and midibuses.

We place a high value on complex quality of product development and relations with customers, who entrust us the matters of choice of bus fleets and maintenance.



Electric minibuses

Our motto „Never stop moving“ is becoming even more relevant when it comes to sustainable passenger transport. Applying our many years of experience in the production of minibuses to the development of electric buses, we can now offer zero-emission minibuses for urban and suburban passenger transportation scenarios.

Altas Auto 0 emission buses are based on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter base.

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We are No. 1 in Scandinavia and one of the leaders in Europe in minibus sales since 2016. Our team have been targeting the leading position since 2007, when we chose manufacture of new minibuses as our strategic priority.

We produce different minibus models, each of which has dozens of modifications and options. Through a thorough consideration of our products portfolio, we created spectrum of choices able to meet the needs of many suppliers of transportation services.

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Other activities

ALTAS AUTO has started the business with the production of special purpose transport for local and international markets following European Union regulations and customer requirements.

The product range comprises the following:

  • emergency medical services
  • police
  • military
  • other special transport

Currently, special purpose transport orders are not available.

24/7 after-sales support

Understanding the peculiarity of passenger transportation and operation of special services, we realise the importance of prompt response. To respond to these requirements, we created explicit and innovative processes ensuring 24/7 events registration, prompt supply of technical information, and spare parts.

new minibus and midibus manufacturer

Production to suit your needs

Wide product range

We offer a wide range of products manufactured in two production lines – standardised and project. Available resources allow us to implement several complex high-volume projects simultaneously. Highly qualified employees ensure a top quality of products’ delivery with various specifications.

800 vehicles per year

In our 8,000 sq. m. production facility we produce 800 vehicles per year. Our standardised production line has the capacity to deliver a new bus every four hours.

Innovative processes

We continuously improve the organisation of manufacturing processes in accordance with LEAN methodology, which guarantees a continuous efficiency growth. Therefore, process monitoring, analysis, development, and thoughtful resource management are our strengths.

In our practice we use Canias Enterprise Resource Planning software, 3D product design software SolidWorks and CATIA, also production and prototyping machinery including CNC, Vacuum Thermoforming Machine, 3D printer etc.

International coverage

With dealers in 18 countries across Europe, we are able to provide top-class service wherever you need us to. We can guarantee that because the core of our international development is our professionals possessing many years of experience and an impeccable reputation.

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