Altas Novus Cityline LW

Even more spacious low floor city minibus

Passenger places


Easy care, tamper-resistance materials and reliable equipment

Integrated with the city systems

Information displays, electronic ticketing system and cash registers


Low-entry with wide electric doors and a wheelchair ramp

A new benchmark in the electric minibus segment

The new Altas Novus Cityline LW is 7.6 metres long and can fit up to 22 passengers. With individually developed design solutions, the vehicle stands out as an innovative and refined version of a traditional minibus. Along with the aesthetics, the functionality plays a strong role and provides best in class electric drive parameters with a range of 270km and battery capacity of 115kWh. One of the main development priorities was the driving comfort and dynamics which are ensured by a 150 kW motor and convenient user interface to keep the driver informed about the current state of the vehicle. With a maximum charging power of 100kW, Altas Novus minibuses can get back to routes in just 50 minutes which ensures superior efficiency on daily basis.